LividStep: step sequencer made in Max For Live from Livid Instruments on Vimeo.

This details the major functions of Livid’s Max For Live device, LividStep, including playback, how to: add and change sequences, control timing, navigate Live, and control instruments, all from the Livid controller.
The device works in Ableton Live with Livid ohm64 and block MIDI controllers. The device creates an eight step sequencer on one row of the 64 button grid. Fill eight live tracks with eight devices to fill the grid. Each sequence has independent time control for a huge variety of rhythmic possibility.
And, if you make it to the end, yes, the irritation at those who don’t use a Livid controller is real and palpable :)
Available here:

DND Exodus from Andreas Sikkema on Vimeo.

Spring 2014 we heard of a cache of vintage computer hardware, software and documentation located in Enschede, the Netherlands. After lengthy deliberations and several grand schemes we took the leap and committed ourselves to fully clearing out a basement and associated crawl spaces filled with stuff.

See (Dutch) for more information, photos and videos.

We are

Katy Perry Uncensored Raw Talent from Jim Standridge on Vimeo.

Katy Perry’s first tour as an artist in 2001. I was very fortunate to meet and hangout with this Super Nova of a talent in the beginning of her career. At the time I was on a retainer with Pamplin Entertainment and worked on BibleMan staring Willie Aames. I also shot EPK’s (electronic press kits) for all their musical talent. Red Hill Records had just signed Katy and this was a small venue in Portland Oregon.

The other day I was cleaning out some old footage in my office and found 90 minutes of raw footage I had totally forgot about. Pamplin had the originals but I had always made backups of everything I shot. I quickly put together a short edit of the experience with Katy. Funny how she spent so much time messing with her hair…. In the present day her hair changes color and style in every photo shoot, music video and performance…. I think Katy has grown into an amazing entertainer and woman. Enjoy.

Augmented Thrill Ride Project - The very first Oculus Rift VR rides on real roller coasters from Thomas Wagner on Vimeo.

In February 2014, I approached the german roller coaster manufacturer Mack Rides with the idea of extending a real roller coaster by wearing an Oculus Rift headset during the ride. I was wondering if it would be possible to replace the real environment by a synchronized virtual ride.
At Mack Rides, they also saw the potential and entered this ground-breaking cooperation project with me and my students, providing us two roller coasters for research and testing (Blue Fire and Pegasus in Europa-Park).

Then, on April 7th, we actually became VR coaster pioneers – being the very first people to experience an Oculus Rift VR-ride on a real roller coaster, synchronized to the real track. And it was just unbelievable!
On that day, we all felt that we were laying the foundation of something very big.

Over the following weeks and months, we have been performing more than a hundred test rides and have been making some amazing discoveries.

While working out technical solutions and patent matters, we weren’t able to go public any earlier.

Of course, we had a hard time watching the first videos of people riding coasters with an Oculus Rift surfacing on the web - while we had already been performing dozens and dozens of such rides.
But, knowing that with Mack Rides we’re having a major industry partner on our side, we were always confident that their amazing support would still make for a great and successful publication of this project, even if it would take some time.

And now we’re happy that it’s finally time to disclose our adventure to the rest of the world!

Visit to find out more about the project and our discoveries!

Little guy.